Monday, 24 September 2007

3D Animation & 3D Image

Posted above is one of the first videos that grabbed me and aspired me to learn more about 3D animation
This video and also the one below were both used in games for the Play Station 1 in the late 90's

The above video is a further example by the same company as the 1st I posted.
It shows 3D animation being used in movies today. This is pretty much at the cutting edge of what can be done today just like the previous 2 clips showing cutting edge work form the 90s.

This is an example of someone's work created in 3D max 7.
I find very inspirational and would love to some day be able to create something like this myself.

Here I've found a quick video as to roughly how the car will have probbably been built

These three images are taken from a cult Manga AKIRA.
This artist has taken the bikes basic look from the Anime and turned it into some thing much more real. Now the artist has built the bike in 3D it could be viewed and rendered from any angle as it appears real.
This inspired me to create my own painting which can be seen below much like ones sold on eBay.

Here's one of my first ever projects in 3D.
I found out about a program called scetch up through a job interview. This job would have involved building models of pubs and showing would they would look like with various alteration. I took the on the challenge to create my own!

Just browsing some of the 3D Models created by other people I found some astounding work! They left me gobsmacked!