Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Interactive Eesob Fable

For this interactive flash project I decided to do the story of the Tortoise and the Hare.
Below is one example of a flash animated Tortoise and the Hare Fables


I had a little play with flash to try work out the animation side of flash using an AT-AT from Star Wars

Here is my 1st play with Flash in attempting to make this AT-AT walk

Evaluation of the Project

Our aim was to create a fable that could be interacted with and aimed at a specific market
i.e. 3-5 yrs 5-7yrs 8-11 and so on. Mine was going to be designed for a 5-7 yr old with bright colours, a little bit of animation and with a few roll over buttons to help the child navigate the story with greater ease.
I planned to build the models in 3D to make it easier to see the characters at all different angles and to animate their movements using flash and doing screen captures from Maya.
I struggle with the understanding of flash and think it will require more playing with
before I can begin to understand the program.
One of my biggest failures was trying to create a button in action scrip 3.0 not knowing they were supposed to be created in action script 2.0.
I found the Power Point presentation very good for showing a rough likeness of what I wanted my end product to have a look of and made a very good animatic.
I think I could have enjoyed the project more had I been able to understand the program better
and was a little disappointed I couldn't finalize my idea although I did show a beginning
to how my story was going to go.

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