Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Final Major Project for the 2nd Year

Final major project of Yr 2 Design for Digital Media course

My strongest assets are 3D I managed to find a video I saw a few years ago that is one of the reasons I wanted to get into doing 3D stuff and I'd like to re-create something along the lines of the video below but given the time I have and the amount I have to learn may be more than I can do

Here's another video done by Kevin Pazirandeh which is equally as impressive.

Another nice video along the the lines of Kevin's video with some nice twists and turns

Or alternatively I'd like to be able to create a 3D moving image good enough to be able to pass off as real so I would maybe contemplate creating something like this video below for my final major project.

There would be a lot of work I'd need to do but the end result would be well worth it!

Before I even think too far ahead I need to do a tutorial on building a 3D car. I had this one pointed out to me and after a few weeks this is how it looks..
I've not fully finished it yet because I was just using the car as a learning curve and with the complexity of the car I want to build I need to crack on before I run out of time!

I've decided on doing the photo real video or something like it. After a lot of searching I finally decided on the Mercedes McLaren SLR.

After talking with my tutor I've decided to try and make this as professional as possible
so one of the things i've done is but a 1/18 scale model of the SLR I wish to build for reference mainly to see how much angles bend and how the car catches the light to give me the best representation as possible.

After doing a Ferrari 360 Tutorial I've decided to get on with building the McLaren
here's some pictures below!

Some more of the model completed I'd start Sub-diviging it and just seeing how the light catches the model. I know there are quite a few errors to take care of but this is just a general idea.
I found a real McLaren on the autotrader website and asked if I was able to get reference images of parts of the car I was unable to find on the internet. The owner agreed and I took over 100 pictures just of the grills lights close ups of the door handles etc.

As I'm pushed for time I've decided to make the alloy wheels on the SLR I went to view they do set the car off nicely anyway but since I only have 4 weeks to have this finished I'm going to concentrate on getting a passable model for the animation obviously to a high standard but concentrain on the bits that will be seen and less on the ones that won't.

Here's the start on the alloys:

I discovered that although there was a huge amount of reference material of the McLaren SLR around there were some images I just couldn't find reference for e.g. break callipers discs some of the internals and interior I needed so bought this very rare brochure apparently only 10 were given to each Mercedes-Benz Dealer that were selling the SLR McLaren
so cost the winning bid of £41 courtesy of eBay and the images and reference information was worth every penny.

Further images of my work so far:

After having issues with the original wheel I built namely that I'd forgotten to incorporate holes for the wheel bolts to go into so used tool booleans that allows you to remove the shape of one object from the shape of another object.
The trouble is that the wheel became unstable and polly's that make up the wheel began to break down and developed holes in the model. I could have fixed them but decided by this time that rather than just doing a video of the McLaren driving away I'd do an advert instead so decided I'd model the original standard wheel.

A screen capture of the SLR more up-to-date and with the newly built wheels a finished render of the finished wheel.

For the animation I wanted to have the McLaren come up out of the floor from in between the model of the McLaren technology centre that would split into two spinning around focusing on some close up's of the car then making a hasty get away. Having less than a week to have this done I thought it would be a good idea to use ncloth and as the cloth slipped off the car. I could do some nice close ups but I would have to learn how to use ncloth since I had never used it before.
I downloaded Digital tutors introduction to ncloth to find out how it works:

Although very in depth I don't have time to work through the whole DVD so I found what I needed to know and put it into play.

After a little more playing:

Until finally coming up with..

I need a story idea that supported ncloth so I'm working on the cloth dropping down onto the SLR and covering the car then as the ncloth slips off and have a few nice close-ups as the ncloth unveils parts of the car.

Finished video:

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