Sunday, 9 August 2009

Final Major Terminator

I like this as it is something solid that I can hold, look around, see how the light catches it and what goes in what goes out etc.
NECA have just release a 18inch T-800 Terminator figure holding a lot of the detail and movement so I bought myself one!

The most important thing to get right is the head and face I've seen many T-800 models in my research and there's only a handful of good ones. I want to be one of this hand full and am concentrating on trying to get that menacing look the T-800 has rather than the cheesy grins some of the models seem to have.

Here are a few renders of the build so far:

I've thought about doing teaser trailer for my project and so far I've come up with:

I've found a very good creator of the T-800 from someone that calls himself dazzawalla. They are some of the best I've found so far and the models can be downloaded at a price which may be a worth while investment on completion of this project.

Examples below:

I'm a little further along now but it's so hard just trying to give the terminator that mean sadistic look rather than look like he's grinning!

I've refined a few more bits of him and done part of the neck. Here is a colour version:

Just a few more to show his development:

Just a little bit further along now without too much hassle:

I've just spent the best part of 6 hours just building 4 fingers of the hand and it's a lot more tedious than it looks!
Here's what 6 hours looks like so far just the thumb and then cleaning up:

Finished the thumb tonight!

I've leaned how to make a working piston and just did a quick video to show the two pistons either side of the neck working.

I've made quite a bit of headway now finishing most of the Endo Skeletons basic shape all he needs doing now is some refining and tweaking here and there to try to get him to look almost screen perfect!

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